Custom Power Solutions

Schaefer is your Custom Power Supply Design Solution Partner. With almost 50 years of experience and over 2,000 custom designed power products, you can depend on our engineering and manufacturing expertise for your specific application requirements. Your requirements are analyzed by the Engineering & Sales Teams via in-depth dialog with each customer, so that an individual solution can be developed. Maintaining this unique ability to design in-house and to manufacture in-house generates the highest level of flexibility and results in Schaefer power supplies being a top choice for critical applications.

We easily can optimize our standard products by installing them into custom enclosures, adding meters, switches or any other required functionality. Typically with little or no NRE! Schaefer has set the standard for rugged power converter products with proven designs and quality manufacturing, let us be your engineering department! From concept to first articles to production, we research and provide testing for thermal analysis, FMECA, Halt, Hass, loop stability/optimization, MTBF, FIT, PDR, and CDR.

Examples of Schaefer’s Custom Power Solutions

Project TypeHighlights
Comprehensive Custom Project Management• For custom products, Schaefer specializes in handling all phases of project management, including engineering analysis and development of unique designs.
• ESS, FMECA, HASS, HALT, MBTF, Single Point of Failure, and Thermal Analysis
• Phase gain and optimization
Oil Drilling platform Power SystemOil Drilling Platform Power System• Battery symmetry, temperature, & voltage alarms
• Ground fault detection with alarms
• N+1 power modules
On Board RailOn-Board Rail Application AC/DC Power Supply• Handles high degree of shock/vibration
• 100% autonomous design; turnkey solution
• Custom client-specific interface
• Continuous short circuit and overvoltage protection
• Manufacturing with industrial grade components
RC2 Cargo Locomotive Refurbishment• 58VDC/100A charges on-board batteries and supplies on-board DC loads
• Extensive testing ensures a high degree of protection for shock/vibration, EMC, and environmental conditions, such as wide temperature and humidity
High Power Density On-Board Train Application• 24kW switch mode battery charger
• IP66 dust and dirt protection
• -40C to +80C operating temperature
• Handles extreme shock / vibration
Utility Power SystemUtility Power System• N+1 power modules
• Individual output voltage selection and trim function
• Adjustable output voltages
40kW Multi Input/Output On-Board Power System• Hermetically sealed enclosure
• Controlled air management
• Battery charger & DC Bus supply
• Rigorous environmental specifications
• Engineered for robust shock & vibration
• Self protecting; auto assessment of thermal and electrical parameters
Multi Input/Output Converter Powers Mobile Measurement Systems – Rail Test Drives• Intelligent energy management with battery back up and load simulation
• Variety of AC and DC inputs
• Variety of DC outputs and an optional AC output
• CANbus interface
4.5kW Converter for Tram Applications• Based on Schaefer C5000 Series (standard products)
• Stainless steel enclosure
• IP54 Protection
• Under floor mounting
Rolling Stock Mounted Inverter• 8kVA, 230VAC/50Hz inverters for supplying onboard consumer AC loads
• Extensive testing ensures a high degree of protection for shock/vibration, EMC, and environmental conditions, such as wide temperature and humidity
Power Plant 22kV Switchgear Control• 48VDC UPS system for high voltage mains power switchgear management
• Cabinet includes UPS system and batteries
KTA 3507 Certified Power Supply Power Generation Industry• Evaluates reactor core temperature
• Highly reliable, redundant fault tolerant
• 19″ rack mechanical solution with enhanced design
• Client interface for programmable output parameters
3.6kVA Power Supply Aircraft Test Applications• Designed for laboratory use / mains simulation
• Adjustable frequency 40-400Hz
• Adjustable output voltages 0-200VAC phase-to-phase or 0-115VAC phase-neutral
• GBIB interface for remote programming and monitoring
• Digital displays for output voltage, current, and frequency
High Power Frequency Converter System Mil System Test• Emergency Off With Alarm Feature
• Lockable High-IP Enclosure
• Lockable Casters
• Multiple Loads
• Heavy Industrial Design
• Movable Enclosure
Multiple Battery Charger Navy Vessel Application• Shore Power & Internal Power
• Independently Charges & Monitors Multiple Batteries
• High IP Rating / Sealed Enclosure
• Maintenance Mode
6.5KW Heavy Industrial Liquid Cooled Power Supply• Digital Meters
• CAN-Bus Programmable Output Voltage
• Alarms
• Fully Isolated
• Can be Optimized to Customer’s Needs
SLPS Series Programmable and Optimized Power Supplies• 20KW Modules – Can Be Used Up to 6 Modules in Parallel – Up to 120KW!
• 600VDC+ Output
• Double Nominal Current for 10 Seconds
• Manual or Programmable Operation
• Full Galvanic Isolation on Supply & Programmable Pins
Military Base Battery Charging System Secure, Safe Chemical Shelter• 36+ Battery Chargers in One Enclosure
• 12VDC and 24VDC Batteries
• Features: Breakers, Fuses, Reverse Polarity Protection, Battery Voltage Sensing, Incorrect Mode, Power and Failure Indicators, Front Panel Voltage Adjustment
400kW Aircraft Starter System• 290VDC Power Supply System
• Dual 700A configuration
• Powers a highly inductive turbine load
40kW Power Supply Laser Equipment Application• Liquid cooled, hermetically sealed enclosure, rated to IP54
• Inrush current limiting via phase controlled modulator
• Voltage, current, and temperature indication via isolation amplifier
• Voltage and current LED indicators
• CAN-Bus indicators
Power Supply Heavy Industrial Application• 2000VDC galvanic isolated output voltage
• Programmable output
• Reduced power during turn-on
• Handles extreme environmental demands
• Designed for extreme shock, vibration, and temperature conditions
2.5kVA Inverter Substation Application• 4U module with integrated static switch
• Inhibit (open load fail safe) on static switch
• Power scaled display
• Common alarm
7kVA Power Supply Airport Security Application• Wide 208VAC-400VAC input
• Temperature controlled fans
• 4U plug in module design
15kW Power Supply Fiber Optic Laser Application• Liquid cooled power supply
• Integrated charger / inverter
• Hermetically sealed enclosure
• Indicators for voltage and current
• Interfaces for voltage, current, and temperature
Multi Input / Multi Output Converter Marine Environment• Wide range input voltage from multiple sources
• Integrated charger / inverter
• Expansion through direct parallel configuration on DC bus and AC bus
• Micro controller and monitoring function
• Designed for maximum client integration flexibility
• Engineered for maximum degree of shock and vibration
Electronic Static Switch Critical Sub Station Application• Dual redundant AND fault tolerant configuration; N+2 design
• Input from multiple, independent DC and AC sources
• Automatic AND manual bypass system
• Integrated and isolated AC bypass
3kVA Inverter with Parallel Function On-Board Mobile Applications• DC Input from generator or battery power
• MIL-STD 461E, MIL-STD 1322B, MIL-STD 810F
• Rugged design handles extreme shock, vibration, temperatures and altitude changes
• DSP controlled inversion for optimum power control
• Application specific extremely compact design
• Compressor application with 11x nominal load surges
• Military Grade 5kW Power Supply
• Populate 5U rack with three vertically mounted units
• Populate 3U rack with two horizontally mounted units
• High power density
Switch Mode Power for Rail Industry• High power density
• Rated for up to 97% non-condensing humidity
• Client specified interface and signals on front panel
• 19″ rack design; vertical convection cooling
• SPS controller provides programmable output
“Paperback Size” 500W Power Supply Mobile Telecommunications Network Application• UMTS/GSM/DCS Applications
• Compact and robust design
• Thermal discharge through heat pipes
DC/DC Converter Heavy Industrial Application• Input voltage range up to 3000VDC (maximum)
• Pigtail connection
• Galvanic isolation
Integrated Switch Mode Power Supply Subsea Mineral Exploration Application• Withstands extreme environmental challenges
• Wide range of AC inputs
• Robust heat sink design integrates into sealed pipe
• Highly reliable, redundant, fault tolerant capability
Digitally Controlled Generator• Adjustable power source: 0-30A
• Synchronized output at Uout=300V; adjustable frequency from 200Hz to 300KHz
• Unique pluggable system; installation on water cooled heat sinks via pressure rails
• Communication via EtherCat (PC generator)
Rugged AC/DC Power Supply Automation Industry• Variety of output voltages available
• Withstands high degree of shock and vibration
• Voltage and current indicators
• Remote on/off (inhibit)
• Continuous short circuit protection
• Overvoltage protection
• 10kW Power Supply for Automation Industry
• 24 output voltages from -120VDC to +120VDC
• 10kW total output power
• Output voltage monitoring
• 14 pluggable modules
200kW DC Power Network• 110VDC power system
• Dual 800A configuration
• Full operation up to +55C
• IP42 Rated
1kVA Inverter for Nuclear Power Plant• 220VAC/50Hz inverter
• Powers reactor emergency cooling system
• Swiss nuclear power authority approved design
Military Grade 19″ Rack Power Supply• Battery charger and inverter in one 19″ rack
• Robust design with increased mechanical strength
• Installed in a highly demanding environment within a suit of armor
7KW Military Project• Power Factor Corrected (PFC) three-phase input
• Designed and tested for MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901, etc...
4kW Converter Eurofighter Mains Simulation• 400Hz mains simulation
• 3-phase AC output or 3 individual DC outputs
• Each output voltage and frequency independently RS232 programmable
DC/DC Converter for Transportation Industry• 7 outputs
• Engineered for extreme shock and vibration
• Robust, yet compact design
• -40C to +75C operating temperature
• Short circuit and overvoltage protection
10kW Power Supply for Automation Industry• 24 output voltages from -120VDC to +120VDC
• 10kW total output power
• Output voltage monitoring
• 14 pluggable modules
• <10mVp-p ripple on outputs

COTS, MOTS and Custom Power Solutions

Schaefer’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams are true industry craftsmen. As a standard option, we can build a majority of our COTS power converters into sealed high IP rated enclosures with increased mechanical strength and hermetically sealed MIL connectors. Contact Schaefer for more information or to request a quote.