Industry Application Solutions

Schaefer’s team offers the highest quality of engineering, design and manufactured power solutions for industries that need to perform in harsh and hazardous environments. From on-shore to off-shore, stationary or mobile, land, air or marine based, Schaefer offers system component or complete system to fit your specified parameters. Our distinction in the market of power supplies is achieved by being customer orientated, offering large variety of unique products and our high level of flexibility to meet customer specific requirements as well as modification of standard equipment for small and large quantities. In addition, Schaefer can design and manufacture fully custom solutions for military, ship/subsea, heavy rail, light rail, renewable and oil and gas applications. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

COTS, MOTS and Custom Power Solutions

With almost 50 years of experience and over 1,000 power custom designed products, you can rely on our engineering and manufacturing expertise for your specific application needs. We easily can optimize our standard products by installing them into custom enclosures, adding meters, switches or any other required functionality. Typically with little or no NRE! Let us be your Engineering Department! From concept to first articles to production, we research and provide testing for thermal analysis, FMECA, Halt, Hass, loop stability/optimization, MTBF, FIT, PDR, and CDR. Contact Schaefer for more information or to request a quote.

See additional examples of Schaefer’s MOTS and Custom Power Solutions.

Schaefer’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams are true industry craftsmen. As a standard option, we can build a majority of our COTS power converters into sealed high IP rated enclosures with increased mechanical strength and hermetically sealed MIL connectors. Contact Schaefer for more information or to request a quote.