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Demanding power conversion applications deserve a manufacturer with decades of expertise in the design and production of dependable and rugged power supply solutions. Schaefer’s thorough understanding of the transit, light rail, bus, military, shipboard, subsea, industrial automation, telecommunications, renewable energy, oil and gas industries power supply conversion needs and overall application that will lead to a solution that best fit your requirements.

Schaefer provides superior technical experience and attention to detail during every step of the your application design. Starting with proof of concept, through prototype development and final design deployment, our robust, ruggedized design construction employs industrial grade components for high performance and superb reliability.

Manufacturer of more than 6,000 COTS Power Solutions from 500W to 3MW, over a 100,000 MOTS, and over 2,000 Custom Power Solutions (Power Conversion, Power Quality, and Power Electronics units, modules, and systems). Our diverse product lines range from AC-DC Power Supplies & Battery Chargers, DC-DC Converters, DC-AC Inverters, AC-AC Frequency Converters to Active Harmonic Filters and Electronic Loads.

New Product Announcement

High Voltage, Liquid Cooled Active Harmonic Filter Modular System. Schaefer Inc. is proud to introduce the PBAF 690-560 liquid cooled, high voltage and high current active harmonic filter. This series is ideal for oil platforms and 600VAC power systems/grids, as well as automation, wind turbine and various other industrial applications where eliminating harmonics are critical.

The filter ensures a harmonic suppression independently of the number of loads and corrects the power factor, improving the systems’ efficiency while reducing harmonic distortion. 140A AHF pluggable modules (4 per system) = 560A per cabinet and each filter module has it’s own complete control system. Read more…

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Custom Power Supply Solutions

Schaefer is your Custom Power Supply Design Solution Partner. With almost 50 years of experience and over 2,000 custom designed power products, you can depend on our engineering and manufacturing expertise for your specific application requirements.

We easily can optimize our standard products by installing them into custom enclosures, adding meters, switches or any other required functionality. Typically with little or no NRE!
Let us be your Engineering Department! From concept to first articles to production, we research and provide testing for thermal analysis, FMECA, Halt, Hass, loop stability/optimization, MTBF, FIT, PDR, and CDR. Read more…

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High Voltage & High Current
Liquid Cooled
IP65 rated
Ideal for Oil Platforms and 600VAC Power Systems/Grids

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