Series IT – Inverters with 1-Phase Output

Mechanical and electrical modifications to standard modules are available. In addition, Schaefer can design and manufacture fully custom solutions. Let Schaefer be your Custom Power Supply Design Solution Partner.  

DC/AC Inverters is a combination of a switch mode Inverter and a Transformer at the output. The transformer provides the isolation between input and output and transforms the voltage to the required level.

AC/AC Frequency Converters is a combination of a switch mode Inverter with a rectifier at the input and a Transformer at the output. The transformer provides the isolation between input and output and transforms the voltage to the required level.

Max Power: 0.2-15kVA

AC Output: 1-Phase 115/ 230VAC

DC Output Voltage: 20-800

19″ Rack/ Module: 6U

Wallmount: Yes

Cooling/Product Features: Natural Convention or Temperature Controlled Fan

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