Series E Step-up Converters

Mechanical and electrical modifications to standard modules are available. In addition, Schaefer can design and manufacture fully custom solutions. Let Schaefer be your Custom Power Supply Design Solution Partner.  

For Output Voltage Stabilization
The output voltage of a battery charger with parallel connected battery varies substantially with the charging condition of the battery. For many applications however, the load circuit requires a better stabilized voltage. Frequently used methods for reducing the voltage variation are “voltage dropping diodes” or “systems with main and end cells”. A more economical solution is given by switching mode step-up converters. These are DC/DC converters supplied by the battery with the output connected in series to the battery. Due to the circuit configuration, the output of a step-up converter is not insulated from the input supply (battery).

Create Your Step-up Converter
The step-up converters are very similar to the DC/DC converters of series “C”, with the specialty that the set-up converters sense the voltage across the load which is the total of the battery voltage and the voltage added by the step-up converter. Therefore,each DC/DC converter can be modified to be a step-up converter:

  • Calculate the output power of the step-up converter: max. voltage to be added x max. load current
  • Choose the suitable “C” series
  • Re-name the model as “E” …

The step-up converter cannot reduce the voltage being applied to its input. Therefore, the load should be specified for the maximum battery voltage.