C/CP/B/BP 5100

Mechanical and electrical modifications to standard modules are available. In addition, Schaefer can design and manufacture fully custom solutions. Let Schaefer be your Custom Power Supply Design Solution Partner.  

5000W DC/DC Converters, AC/DC Power Factor Corrected Converters and Power Factor Corrected Battery Chargers. The  DC/DC Series boasts 3 DC input ranges of 320-380, 320-640 and 450-800V with 6 output voltages ranging from 23VDC to 270VDC. The AC/DC Series offers the same range of output voltages but with 208, 400 or 480VAC three phase input. The Battery Charges provides output voltages ranging from 24VDC to 145VDC.

Max Power: 5000 W

AC Input: 3-Phase 3×208 / 3×400 / 3x480VAC

DC Output Voltage: 1 to 800Vdc

19″ Rack/ Module: 3U / 5U

Wallmount: No

DIN Rail: No

Cooling/Product Features: Fan Cooled