New 2nd Generation Liquid Cooled Electronic Load Series for Advanced Load Testing

Hopkinton, MA – Schaefer Inc. is proud to unveil the Second Generation of the LW 5100 Series of liquid cooled electronic loads featuring user friendly touch screen panel and
enhanced functionality. These built-to-project loads are housed in a compact case that provides high power density and ease of use. Their versatility and customization makes
them suitable for linear and nonlinear load test applications and the perfect solution for laboratory or test room production.

The LW 5100 Gen. 2 Series provides four different operating modes: constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance and constant power. CV, CC, CR and CP adjustments can be
made though programmable front touch screen keypad (soft key), rotary encoder, external remote unit and CAN bus interface. Wide operating range up to 400V / 750A with one module, dynamic paralleling of up to 4 or more modules for higher load capacity up to +40kW, controllable through one interface. Fully protected against thermal overheating and programmable switch off limits to avoid total discharge of the battery. Reduced water consumption depending on load power and water inlet temperature.

For further information, please contact Schaefer, Inc., 45 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. Tel: 508/435-6400 Fax: 508/435-6401. Email: