High Power Ultra-Fast Battery Charging Systems for Electric Buses

Hopkinton, MA – Schaefer Inc. is proud to announce the high powered Fast Charge Electric technology for todays zero-emissions electric public transit systems. Schaefer’s fast charger is a high quality, flexible and intelligent high power DC charging system for bus batteries up to 3 MWatts and is compatible with every Battery Management Systems (BMS) and all types of batteries and charging characteristics.

Providing ultra-fast charging within minutes produces excellent availability rate and offers clean-air mobility that lessen the environmental impact of mass transit services. In addition, with an intelligent battery boosted system the load applied to the mains is significantly reduced.

Systems available with input voltages, AC or DC up to 2500V, single and three phase. Output voltages from 0 to 1000V DC. Standard features include high efficiency rate ≥93%, operating temperature range from –40 to +50°C. Remote 7/24/365 monitoring via ethernet and robust construction makes these systems ideal for extreme environmental conditions. Safe charging process and security functions acc. to IEC 61541-1 / IEC 61851-23 / IEC 61851-24. System available with air or liquid cooling.

Fast Charge Electric Systems are custom-tailored to meet your specific application requirements. Product line overview can be viewed at www.schaeferpower.com/pdf/fast-charge-shortform.pdf. For further information, please contact Schaefer, Inc., 45 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. Tel: 508/435-6400 Fax: 508/435-6401 Email: sales@schaeferpower.com