New Series of Active Harmonic Filters and Advanced Display/Measurement Functionally (Resonance Frequency Detection and Automatic Protection)

Hopkinton, MA – Schaefer Inc. is proud to introduce a new series of Active Harmonic Filters and Advanced Display & Measurements Functionally. Threewire and four-wire Active Harmonic Filter modules/systems that are designed to meet IEEE-519 (5% TDD) and Mil-Std-1399 (<3% THDi). The Power Balance Kxxx Series family are scalable and offer a cost-effective solution for improving power quality for wide range of Heavy Industrial and Military applications.

Communication connections via Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethercat system and ModBus. New advanced functions include resonance frequency detection and automatic protection, trace waveform display/capture (filter current, load current, grid current & voltage), new series of high IP/NEMA rated air and liquid cooled active harmonic filters (modules & systems).

Product highlights:
Reducing harmonics (TDD reduction to 5% / <3% THDi Mil-Std-1399) Individual harmonic compensation adjustment Rebuilding distorted three phase currents/voltages Four wire zero sequence current compensation. Power Factor (phase displacement) correction/adjustment Balancing 3 phase currents 60A to 1000s Amps of compensation current.

Schaefer can design and manufacture fully custom solutions. For further information and pricing, please contact Schaefer, Inc., 45 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. Tel: 508/435-6400 for additional information or to schedule a demo. Email: