Rugged Power Supplies

Schaefer has set the standard for rugged power converter products with proven designs and quality manufacturing. Custom power converter requirements are analyzed by the Engineering & Sales Teams via in-depth dialog with each customer, so that an individual solution can be developed. Maintaining this unique ability to design in-house and to manufacture in-house generates the highest level of flexibility and results in Schaefer power supplies being a top choice for critical applications, such as:

  • Military
  • Rail & Transit
  • Alternative Power
  • Factory Automation

Schaefer's depth of engineering talent has also resulted in an ever expanding portfolio of standard product offerings, including:

  • AC/DC Power Supplies & Battery Charges
  • DC/DC Converters
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • AC/AC Frequency Inverters
  • DC/DC Step Converters
  • Thyristor Controlled Converters