Power Conversion for Transit / Light Rail

Subway Train
Railroad Tracks
Subway Train

Schaefer specializes in solutions for on-board and trackside light rail applications. Our unique design and manufacturing allows flexibility in power conversion for an endless combination of input and output voltages. Extra rugged construction ensures long-life, reliable operation in even the most demanding applications.

Schaefer's Product Features

  • 24 , 36, 37.5, 600, 750VDC or higher voltages on request
  • Buck, boost, or isolated topology
  • DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC or AC/AC
  • Custom solutions, typically with no NRE
  • Ultra-wide input ranges to handle extremes, including transients from 3rd rail or catenary
  • High efficiency for lower cost of ownership
  • Hermetically sealed solutions
  • Natural convection or water-cooled solutions
  • Redundant configurations for longer life operation in critical applications
  • Ultra-wide temperature ranges
  • Reverse polarity protection option
  • Lightweight, high power density for smaller package designs

Schaefer Capabilities for Transit / Light Rail

300kW Charging Station

300kW Charging Station

The 300kW charging station developped by SCHAEFER allows the ultra fast charging in 3-10 min of Lithium Ion Batteries on board of these electrical busses successfully tested in Umea (Sweden) in the “Artic-Whisper” prototype busses. Learn More


DC/AC Three-Phase Inverter System for Motor Drive

DC/AC Three-Phase Inverter System for Motor Drive

DC/AC Inverter Systems are designed with the application of modern technology resulting in compact machines for motor drives. Besides offering reliability and high performance, which will guarantee long operating periods without requiring any maintenance, SCHAEFER solutions present outstanding operating features. Learn More


On-board power system

On-board Power System

For any system that depends on sophisticated electronics, everything begins with the power supply. Our shared objectives are to provide a safe and accessible power supply solution for on-board power systems. This battery charger system has been designed to operate efficiently and effectively giving maximum reliability to the on-board power systems eliminating unplanned stops and failures and a longer lifetime. Learn More

4.0kW on-board battery charging system

4.0kW On-board Battery Charging System

Maintaining the United States? rail power infrastructure
demands cutting-edge engineering, something
US Power Networks Services have consistently demonstrated
through long-term projects with partners
like SCHAEFER. There are considerable challenges in
ensuring a stable power supply system to the railway
as there are not only strict technical and performance
requirements but also the need to conform to several
international standards. Learn More