Power Conversion for Fuel Cells

Oil Rigs
Fuel Cells

Schaefer’s specializes in power conversion solutions for fuel cell applications, with a vast product selection that allows for connection to virtually any stack configuration. Schaefer’s unique design and manufacturing process enables flexibility in converting voltages over a wide range from 5V to 800V.

Select our automatic current input filtering option to ensure operation of your fuel cell without risk of shutdown due to an overcurrent condition.

Rugged construction options allow for use in even the most demanding conditions in vehicles, ships, trains, factories, and military applications.

Schaefer's Product Features

  • Buck, boost, or isolation designs 
  • DC/DC or DC/AC solutions
  • Custom solutions, typically with no NRE
  • Ultra-wide input ranges to handle fuel cell extremes
  • High efficiency for lower cost of ownership
  • High energy/power density results in smaller overall package size
  • Built-in current limiting on output (optional on input) to eliminate fuel cell shutdown
  • Rugged construction for use in the most harsh and demanding environments

Schaefer Capabilities for Fuel Cell Applications

Schaefer’s designs can be configured as an option to monitor the input current and appropriately set the output current limit to ensure that the converter/inverter will not shut down the fuel cell.