Power Conversion for Alternative Energy

Wind Farms
Tidal Turbines
Solar Farms
Fuel Cells

Schaefer’s diverse product line offers a variety of solutions for industrial and military alternative / renewable energy designs that utilize these renewable energy sources to create a common bus. Our unique design and manufacturing processes enable the flexibility of conversion from input to output over a wide range of 5V to 1200V and easily support custom solutions requiring thousands of AC or DC volts.

Choose our mechanical strength or tropical protection options to ensure long-life reliable operation in even the most demanding conditions, including condensing applications, as well as ships and military.

Schaefer's Product Features

  • MPPTs easily paralleled for higher power photo voltaic applications
  • Buck, boost, or isolated topology
  • DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC or AC/AC
  • Custom solutions, typically with no NRE
  • Ultra-wide input ranges to handle extremes, including the 74VDC bus, even during start-up conditions.
  • High efficiency for lower cost of ownership
  • Hermetically sealed solutions
  • Natural convection or water-cooled solutions
  • Extra rugged construction for use in the most demanding and harsh conditions
  • Redundant configurations for longer life operation in critical applications
  • Ultra-wide temperature ranges
  • Reverse polarity protection option
  • Lightweight, high power density for smaller package designs or compact portable applications